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Adapter, Disk Brake L.H. Front
Adapter, Disk Brake L.H. Front
Ground Kit, 4 Wire, A, B, C, D,
Ground Kit, 4 Wire, A, B, C, D, Aftermarket, Grounding Kit
Frame Section Structural Front Forward.
Frame Section, Structural Front, Forward
Adapter Tube, Oil Dipstick
Adapter Tube, Oil Dipstick For Deep Water Fording
Bracket, Shock lower, front and rear, left and right
Bracket, Mount, Shock Absorber, Control Arm, Lower.
Insulation, Cover, E Engine Cover
Insulation, Cover, E Engine Cover
Bracket, Pipe Fuel/Water Separator Mount
Bracket, Pipe Fuel/Water Separator Mount
A/C Condenser Kit, Right Side
Wheel Well Mounted A/C Condenser Kit, Right Side.
More ...
Drag Link, Steering
Drag Link, Steering
Turbo Pipe, Exhaust L/H
Exaust Pipe between Turbo and Exaust Manifold,Left Hand
Seat, Spring, Vehicle, Rear
Seat, Spring, Vehicle, Rear H 15, H 16, H21, H28
Turbo Pipe, Exhaust R/H
Exhaust Pipe between Turbo and Exhaust Manifold,Right Hand
Bracket, Power Steering Pump
Bracket, Engine Acce Power Steering Pump
3Pt. Seatbelt Kit, Rear, Non-Armor
For Non-Armored Trucks WAS $205.00
Insulation, Blanket Front, L.H
Insulation, Blanket Front, L.H
Radius Rod Asm

Hose, Radiator Lower, Rear
Hose, Preformed Radiator Rear Outlet
Intermediate Steering Shaft
Intermediate Steering Shaft
More ...
Tube, Engine Oil
Tube Assembly, Metal Engine Oil
Arm Assy, Upper Control

Ventilator, Air Circ Heater
Ventilator, Air Circulation Heater
Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber, Dire, Rear
Housing Assembly, Heater
Housing Assembly, He. Make From Parts As Needed
Shock Absorber, Rear
Shock Absorber, Dire, Rear, Heavy Duty
Bumper, Front, for trucks with Winch
WAS $58.14
Adapter, Connector Headlight To Harness
Adapter, Connector Headlight To Harness
Axle Assy, Differential, Frt And Rear, 2.73-1
Axle Assembly, Differential, Front and Rear, 2.73-1 Ratio
Tie Rod End, Bushing Assembly Rear Radius Rod
Tie Rod End, Bushing Assembly Rear Radius Rod WAS $47.00
Prop Shaft, Front Coupler
Prop Shaft, Front Coupler
Drive, Starter Bendix
Drive, Engine, Electr Clutch Starter
Beadlock, Wheel Assembly, Use With Radial Tire
Beadlock, Pneumatic Wheel Assembly, Use With Radial Tirdel 160 Daro, Stps
Nut, Self-Locking, 1.00-14
Nut, Self-Locking, He Shock Absorber, 1.00-14 WAS $3.58
Halfshaft Front R/H
Halfshaft, Front, Right Hand
Lower Control Arm, L/F or R/R
Use Ecrcsk17250B1
Rod, Shift, T/Case
Rod, Shift, Transfer Case
Spring, Front,3,000 lbs per inch, extra heavy duty, 12,100 GVW
Spring, Front, 3,000 lbs per inch, extra heavy duty, 12,100 GVW
Shield, Fuel Tank/Tcase
Shield, Fuel Tk/Tcase
Spring (Rear
Brush, Horn
Brush, Contact, Horn
Shield Assy, Shroud Airlift, R.H
Shield Assembly, Shr Shroud Airlift, R.H
Temperature Sensor.
KDS Temperature Sensor
More KDS...
Air Filter, Humvee New Style


Certain products offered, fall under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) which can only be sold for use by approved end users. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure if the products you require are restricted.Separator.jpg YTB-banner.jpg Separator.jpg

Real4WD.com, a KASCAR® company is a high quality parts and service provider for the AM General HMMWV®s, Humvees® and Hummers®. We are also the exclusive distributors for Silver Eagle HMLTT (High Mobility Light Tactical Trailer) Replacement parts. We provide quality service for your AM General HMMWV®, Humvee®, H1 or H2 Hummer® at our home facility in Greenville SC or at any of our authorized KASCAR® service partners throughout the United States. We also stock thousands of new, remanufactured and used parts for your AM General HMMWV®, Humvee®, H1®, H2 Hummer® and Silver Eagle Trailer parts at the best prices available. We service all military HMMWV®, Humvee®, HMLTT Trailer parts, Silver Eagle Trailer Parts, LTT Trailer Parts, LTT parts and HMLTT parts plus civilian H1®, H2 Hummers®. We are also happy to supply parts for municipal agencies such as Fire Departments and Police Departments.  We can service and provide parts for your Police HMMWV® or Fire HMMWV® or other Law Enforcement HMMWV® or Humvee® We look forward to serving your AM General HMMWV®, Humvee®, Hummer® or trailer parts needs and we thank you for visiting our site.

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Kascar also provides parts for Freightliner Trucks and other military vehicles.  We have an after market line of air conditioner kits for the Kia Rio.  Call us for information on the Kia Rio AC kits.  Dealer inquiries welcome on these outstanding AC packages and air conditioning systems for the Kia Rio.